African Safari Holidays

Affordable Masai Mara, Amboseli & Serengeti Package

Affordable Masai Mara,Amboseli & Serengeti Package Cheetahs relaxing in the Wild Traveling to Africa and East Africa has never been more affordable and convenient.

Reasonably priced Safari Packages in Kenya to Masai Mara, Amboseli, Lake Nakuru, Samburu and Serengetti, Ngorongoro and Lake Manyara in Tanzania!

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Kruger Park Safari Tours

Kruger Park Safari Tours Lion

Welcome to a place where wildlife animals roam in abundance and mystical sunsets fade into a canvas of star filled skies.

Where perfectly prepared meals and tasty wine after a day of exciting wildlife encounters from the safety of an open safari v

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6 Days 5 Nights Camping Safari

6 Days 5 Nights Camping Safari LeopardDay 1 Arusha - Tarangire - O/V Camp BL
Day 2: Tarangire - Manyara - O/V Camp BLD
Day 3: Manyara - Serengeti - O/V Camp BLD
Day 4: Serengeti - O/V Camp BLD
Day 5: Serengeti - Ngorongoro - O/V Camp BLD
Day 6: Ngorongoro - Arusha BL

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How To Plan African Safari Trip:

Africa is a continent with the largest biodiversity in the world. An African safari trip can give you the experience of a lifetime. You get the chance of observing the African wildlife keenly, enjoying the beautiful scenery in the wilderness and national parks and unfolding the mysteries of the enchanting continent.

It is considered an incredible experience for a wildlife enthusiast. Just imagining the scene of sitting in an open vehicle, only feet away from a lion relaxing under a shady tree or spotting a giraffe grazing makes you feel refreshed and you start looking forward to the safari.

How To Plan African Safari Trip - 2

Planning an African Safari Adventure

It may take a long time to reach the safari destination if you live very far away and the journey may be very tiring. However, once you see the magnificent and breathtaking views of Africa it makes you forget your jet lag completely.

When you decide to go on an African safari, the first question that crosses your mind is how to plan African safari trip. While planning an African safari there are many things, which should be considered such as:

  • the animals to be seen
  • the safari destinations to be visited
  • when to go there
  • type of safari luxury, tented, mobile
  • budget camping

The experts say that planning an African safari is very much different from planning other enjoyment trips. The planning of an African safari may be as exiting as the safari itself. The question of how to plan an African safari follows, with these helpful points:

The first step to plan an African safari is that one should be ready to spend a lot of money. One should stay at a game reserve. There are small cottages in the game reserves. Staying at this place will help you save money. If you intend to stay out of the game reserve, you must remember that the hotel may be far away from the reserve and you will have to hire a vehicle every time you want to visit it. Another advantage of staying at the game reserve is that there are experienced guides who know the exact place where you can spot the wild beasts.

  • The second step is to select a suitable country. The famous countries of Africa are South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana. The Krueger national park in South Africa is the best tourist destination.
  • You should get information about the country’s visa requirements. Some countries require the visitors to acquire a travel visa. You should be well informed about it.
  • You should refer the internet or consult a travel agent to find a suitable game lodge. Find a package that suits your comfort level.
  • Book airline ticket to the major city nearest to the game reserve you intend to visit. From there reserve a ground transportation as this is the best option and would be time and money saving.


Malaria is a common disease in the continent. So heed these tips:

  • Take proper precautionary measures if you truly want to enjoy the rustic African outdoors.
  • Also, see to it that you consult your physician, identify and take the required vaccinations and medications.
  • An important part of the answer to the question how to plan an African safari is to pack wisely.
  • One should never forget to carry the following things on an African safari; shorts, pants, short sleeve shirts, sunscreen, bug repellant, camera, closed in shoes and lastly good head coverings.

Hopefully that the information above might have solved the query of how to plan African safari trip. Have fun!



How To Plan African Safari Trip - 1

How To Plan African Safari Trip

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